Plastic Moulded Part Gallery

Pentech is capable of using variety of plastic commodity and engineering thermoplastics injection moulding materials ranging from

Glass Filled, Unfilled and very Impact Nylon 6, 6.6

Fire Retardant Abs and Polycarbonate, Nylon



Clear and High Impact Poly Styrene



Polythene both high and low density




Thermoplastic Elastomers both SBS and TPR (These materials are replacement to natural rubber and PVC)

100% Bio-Degradeable polymers

And various others using range of our stock dyes and compound pellets colourants.

Our technicians can offer you best advise on choosing right plastic moulding material for your project saving you time and money.

We produce numerous plastic injection moulded components for various industries we specialise in thin and large wall thickness mouldings, with in mould threaded insert moulding both brass and metals.

Our Parts…..

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